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    Early Careers

    Graduate Early Career Opportunities

    At Soiltechnics we have an abundance of early career opportunities. We are always looking for enthusiastic, hard working graduates to join our team. The future success of our business lies with you, so your development is very important to us. 

    Graduate engineers follow a structured Graduate Development Programme. This helps to provide them with the foundations for continued growth and an exciting career ahead. You will be supported by skilled and experienced professionals throughout your career with us. They will guide you through the challenging parts of your work and prepare you for advancement to more senior roles. 

    We give our graduate engineers the responsibility to manage whole projects from inception through to completion. There will be a mix of office and site works. For instance, preparing for site works, logging the soils, scheduling laboratory testing and then writing the report for the Client.  

    The role draws on many disciplines, so we are not asking for a specific subject degree and will consider all related courses, including applied geology, physical geography, environmental science and many more.

    We do not accept applications via recruiters for graduate positions, so if you are ready to join an exciting and innovative team here at Soiltechnics, then get in touch via the link below today.

    School Leavers

    We recognise that University is not the only path to a successful career. An increasing number of young people are choosing to join the industry directly from school or college. At Soiltechnics, we encourage our trainees to get involved quickly so that you can positively contribute to projects.  

    There are many exciting career paths to explore at Soiltechnics, so whether you are looking for an office-based role, a practical site-based role, or indeed a mixture of the two, then Soiltechnics will have a role that suits you. Our experienced team leaders will support your development through a fully integrated training programme.  So you can gain training and qualifications whilst getting paid!

    New trainees will follow a structured training plan and actively encouraged to pursue formal qualifications, such as part time degree or further education courses.

    So if you are looking to start your career with an exciting and innovative team, get in touch with Soiltechnics today.

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