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    Croxley Danes


    Croxley Danes Project Overview

    The overall scheme at Croxley Danes involved the construction of a new secondary school on a greenfield site. As part of the project, a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) was also constructed, which required a significant slope at one end.

    Scope of Works

    Our initial commission was to undertake a general investigation at the site to provide information on the following elements:

    • ground and groundwater conditions across the site to assist in foundation design
    • earthwork classification testing for reprofiling works
    • infiltration testing to assist drainage strategy

    The investigation at Croxley Danes identified a major geotechnical risk in the form of a probable dissolution feature. We recommended further investigation works which were subsequently undertaken and demarcated a ‘no build’ area at the school.

    Finally, we provided technical oversight for the design of the reinforced earth slope required for the MUGA. This oversight involved undertaking global stability checks and liaising closely with the specialist sub-contractor for internal stability.

    Value Added

    Our skilled engineers were able to identify the dissolution feature. Whilst this ultimately meant some redesign of the scheme layout, the potential consequences of not doing so could have been far more severe and costly.

    To avoid birds nesting prior to the removal of trees a hawk was ’employed’! We even got to hold the bird.

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