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    Florida Farm

    North West, UK

    Florida Farm Project Overview

    The project at Florida Farm comprised a large residential development within a development high-risk area associated with legacy coal mining. There were possible mine workings at depth and several mine shafts were recorded within the site boundary, which added complexity to the project.

    fields at florida farm

    Scope of Works

    Following our preliminary coal mining risk assessment we then scoped a ground investigation at Florida Farm to

    • Locate, expose and measure the position of mine shafts.
    • Determine the depth of any coal mine workings, their thickness and working status.

    Subsequently, we expanded our coal mining assessment to consider the impact of the underground workings encountered. We collaborated with the developer to adjust the plot layout to avoid mine shafts where possible. Finally, we determined remediation (grouting) and foundation requirements for the remaining layout.

    land at florida farm

    Value Added

    Undertaking a detailed desk study first allowed the ground investigation to be targeted in the higher risk areas, avoiding the general ‘scatter’ approach, which can be costly. Therefore delivering significant savings for our Client.

    We provided early indications of constraints that the coal mining legacy may have on the proposed development and offered advice for design layout to help reduce the risk.

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