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    Basement Impact Assessment

    David Dunkley
    Stephen Cragg
    Angus Wilson
    Director - Geotechnical

    A Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) is increasingly required to be submitted to satisfy planning conditions imposed by local councils.

    Working as part of a multidisciplinary project team, we provide assistance on all ground-related elements including the ground investigation. Soiltechnics has considerable experience undertaking all stages of a basement impact assessment on domestic and commercial basement projects throughout London. Led by a Chartered Civil Engineer we have a strong track record in helping our Clients attain planning permission.

    In accordance with the guidance document produced by the London Borough of Camden and generally followed by other local authorities the assessment is typically structured into four stages:

    1. Screening – Following a desk study review of readily available information this stage identifies matters that require further investigation
    2. Scoping – Building upon the matters noted in the Screening stage, the impacts of those issues are identified
    3. Site investigation and study – This stage, if required, entails physical works at the site to confirm ground and groundwater conditions, and existing foundation depths
    4. Impact assessment – Detailed geotechnical modelling (Ground Movement Analysis) is undertaken to assess the impact on neighbouring properties.

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