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    Ground Movement Analysis

    Excavations, foundation loading, slope instability, trees and seasonal shrink / swell of clay can all cause movements that have the potential to damage nearby buildings and infrastructure.

    Basement excavations, foundation loading and trenchless crossings are just some of the activities that can cause ground movement. These movements have the potential to damage nearby buildings and infrastructure.

    On many urban projects, buildings are being remodelled with new foundations being constructed and existing foundations being reused. Our engineers consider the construction sequence to model ground movements at each stage of the project.

    Ground movement analyses are a routine part of a Basement Impact Assessment.  We consider the inward movement of retaining walls in accordance with CIRIA C760 to assess the impact of the scheme on surrounding buildings, infrastructure and buried utilities as required.

    We use a range of computer software packages to model the movement of the soil. The effects of this movement on the building or utility of interest are then determined and presented graphically in a simple colour-coded format.

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