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    Environmental Due Diligence

    Mark Hamill
    Director - Land Quality

    An Environmental Due Diligence Report can be a critical stage in identifying risks and informing price valuations.

    Environmental Due Diligence Reports can support the ongoing assessment of property portfolios, or aid the understanding of liabilities associated with acquisitions or mergers.

    We produce bespoke due diligence reports depending on our clients needs, adapting the complexity, depth and focus of the assessment.

    Our due diligence reports typically include:

    • a site inspection
    • an audit of a company’s permits, operational and waste activities, environmental management systems
    • review of material handling and storage practices.  

    Effective communication with site owners, occupiers, and investors is integral to our work. But we appreciate that confidentiality is paramount in many of our due diligence assessments.

    The due diligence team works seamlessly with other disciplines within Soiltechnics to identify significant liabilities and mitigation measures. We provide cost estimates where applicable to support cost planning and negotiations.

    We utilise our expertise within the Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental fields to undertake high level appraisals of prospective land development sites.

    Whether the site is a greenfield development or urban regeneration scheme, we work with buyers and sellers. We provide insights into cost-effective and sustainable development solutions, whilst identifying potential constraints and abnormal development costs. As with our due diligence assessments, our strategic land assessments are tailored to suit your needs and the complexity of the sites.

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