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    Gas Protection Measures

    The regulatory oversight on the design and verification of gas protection measures is increasing year on year, meaning it is becoming increasingly important.

    We support our clients in the protection of their development by preparing a ground gas design report in accordance with BS:8485. The report will provide installation details, specifications and design requirements for your gas membrane, sub-floor ventilation and slab. The report will be bespoke to your site and scheme proposals.

    The design report will also include a verification strategy to ensure the critical stages of the installation are verified in accordance with CIRIA C735.

    When project timescales allow, we often recommend a review of the previous risk assessment reports. Historically, ground gas risk assessments within the industry tend to be conservative. Over the last few years, an increasing evidence base and body of literature has been published which allows the assessor to take a more pragmatic and scientific approach. This can result in down-grading the risk to your site or removing the requirement for protection altogether.

    We have a strong track record of working with regulators to agree on revised ground gas risk assessments. This can allow the adoption of less onerous protection measures, resulting in substantial cost savings for our clients.

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