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    Remediation & Verification

    Mark Hamill
    Director - Land Quality

    Remediation of sites is required where the land contamination risk assessment identifies an unacceptable risk to a receptor. For example, human health or groundwater.

    The scope, scale and cost of remedial works can vary substantially depending upon the extent and type of contamination, complexity of the ground conditions, and sensitivity of the development.

    Our expertise within Soiltechnics allows us to identify feasible, cost-effective, and sustainable remedial options for your development. This forms part of an Options Appraisal and leads to the basis of our Remediation Strategies.

    We offer support right through the remediation process at all stages. This includes the design and planning of the remediation, delivery and providing verification of the works carried out.

    We undertake remedial schemes when environmental risk assessments have identified sites, or areas of sites that require the removal of pollution or contaminants from soil, surface water, groundwater and or bedrock.

    These can range from simple excavation and removal to complex in situ treatment of contaminants. Following remediation verification of the success of the remedial scheme is required to satisfy regulatory authorities.

    hole dug into ground as part of remediation and verification process

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