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    Industrial Floor Slab Assessments

    Dr Matthew Hooper
    Director - Building Fabric
    James French
    Associate Director

    Soiltechnics offer a range of industrial floor slab investigation options. This is typically to support the installation of storage racking, industrial equipment, cranes and mezzanine floors.

    We can utilise a range of investigation techniques to determine:

    • floor thickness and composition.
    • bay distribution and jointing.
    • reinforcement details, concrete composition and compressive strength.
    • sub-base thickness and underlying soil strength.

    These details feed into an assessment by a structural engineer to determine the suitability of the slab for the intended use. Alternatively, the findings can inform the design of additional foundations as required.

    We have experience of undertaking investigations in sensitive use structures including active food preparation areas, precision engineering workshops and military sites. These works are often ‘pre-purchase’ where cleanliness and appropriate reinstatement are key.

    Our investigation techniques include:

    • Visual assessment of floor slab condition, evidence of cracking and bay size distribution.
    • Non-destructive scanning using a Hilti PS1000 scan system to provide a visual representation of the reinforcement distribution.
    • Non-destructive concrete rebound hammer assessment of compressive strength.
    • Drill probe surveys to assess the thickness profile of the slab.
    • Diamond coring to assess the concrete composition and reinforcement size/depth.
    • Local breakouts to expose reinforcement grids/joint detail/dowel bars etc.
    • Range of laboratory testing covering the concrete composition and physical properties such as compressive strength.
    • Carbonation assessment of concrete (in-situ or laboratory assessment).
    • Trial pit or borehole follow on to confirm ground conditions (including electric and restricted access borehole options to suit almost any investigation site).

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