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    Intrusive surveys establish the form, nature and size of structural members within existing buildings. This provides crucial information for the accurate assessment of the structure for re-use or redevelopment.

    Opening up a structure to confirm size and condition of supporting members is crucial in the design and suitability of building for re-use / re-development. These take numerous forms;

    Intrusive works

    Physically opening up a supporting structure to identify its form and construction type provides an accurate assessment of the material within. Subsequently, we can take accurate measurements and compare these to historic records. We present these detailed logs alongside coloured photographs to Clients, enabling accurate assessment of the structure. Our engineers have a wealth of knowledge and use a combination of methods to minimise the size and subsequent reinstatement.

    Diamond coring

    We often use concrete coring to extract samples for subsequent lab testing. This provides not only a certified laboratory result, but allows a visual assessment of the concrete itself. This measures aggregate size, reinforcement size and any air voids which were formed during the construction phase. This information is all neatly presented on a log with colour photographs for ease of reference.

    Drill probing

    The use of drill probing is essential in providing thickness of walls, floor slabs, beams and columns. Thereafter, we use a borescope through the drill hole to identify voiding and confirm construction / thickness.

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